Carlyles 10000 Charity Challenge

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Carlyles is challenging you to join the Carlyles 10000 Charity Challenge!  For the month of November, the challenge is to do 10000 push-ups during the month.

Why do you ask?

We are helping to raise money for Fella’s Army.  Whos is Fella’s Army?

Ian Macdonald, affectionately known as Fella, died in a car accident in February 2018, the day after he turned 44. Ian believed passionately in improving the lives of others and as a tribute to him, his friends and family have grouped together to form Fella’s Army in order to continue his mission.
Hillwood Primary in Lavender Hill is a school that was close to Ian’s heart – for the last 2 years of Ian’s life he had partnered with principal Gavin Alkana through the Partners For Possibility program and grew to be a trusted friend and thinking partner. His positive spirit and friendly nature meant that he became a great friend of all the staff. He assisted the teachers and school through several projects that he helped Gavin initiate, secure funding for and organise. These include a staff development day, staff room refurbishment, producing a video about the school and introducing new extra murals.
For more information on Fella’s Army click here.
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What is required?
  1. All you need to do is sign up with Carlyles and commit to the challenge
  2. Ask your friends to donate to your challenge
  3. Start doing your push-ups
  4. Let Carlyles know how many you have done each week
  5. Celebrate at the end of November
If you would like to challenge yourself and join us in raising money for Fella’s Army please get in touch with and can supply you with more information.
Phone: 021 461 8787