Devil’s Peak Bicycle Kick Beer

Carlyles on Derry is thrilled to introduce and have Devil’s Peak Brewing Companies new Bicycle Kick Beer here for the FIFA World Cup.

As the world prepares to unite over a soccer-packed season, New Belgium Brewing has come together with five breweries from five continents to create Bicycle Kick Kolsch, a crisp and refreshing beer crafted by an international dream team.

This all-star brewing roster consists of Adnams (England), Baird (Japan), Bodebrown (Brazil), Devil’s Peak (South Africa) and Primus (Mexico). As key players from each brewery collaboratively formulated a recipe, the question frequently kicked around was how to best capture the beautiful game in a beer. The answer came in the form of two unique ingredients – chamomile, the national flower of Russia, site of this year’s big soccer tournament, and lemongrass, representative of playing turf.

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